A Healthy Snack for Busy Moms

I have found a healthy snack for busy moms that is actually yummy!

I recently tried a variety of energy bars and yummy high energy snacks that are ideal for those times when you have only a few minutes to grab something to tie you over until your next full meal.  I found that  Nutrifit  offers a wide variety of “on the go” energy bars and high energy snacks which have been great for me as a busy mommy and mompreneur!  My six year old daughter really likes them too – which is rare!  My personal preference is the delicious Mighty Mom Mix, because aside from the awesome name of this snack, the commbination of dark chocolate, sun-dried cranberries, roasted soy nuts & all natural raisins is really tasty-and healthy too! 

You can order online or via phone and the snacks will be direclty shipped to you, or you can pick them up if you are local.  Why are these so popular, and why do they taste so amazing?  Beacuse they are fresh!  Everything taste great when it is not processed right?  Yes, they are made fresh every week!  They are a great on-the-go healthy snack and are 100% natural and preservative free.   Why not get some today!


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