Babycakes Donut Maker Review

For Christmas this year, Santa brought my daughter the Babycakes Donut Maker and on Christmas Day, that was one of the activities we selected to do together as a family.  Overall, I think the product is fun, but don’t buy this product if you are using it to start a business.  It is not meant for that.  It was fun for “at home” “for fun” type days.  It is of great quality  with the fun of an easy bake oven!  Quite frankly, it was fun and at the end of the day, my daughter had a blast.  I am looking forward to review some of their other products.  For now, great job Santa on getting this product to us!

The Pros

  • Fun
  • Quick
  • Not too messy
  • Baked vs. Fried
  • Healthy-er

The Cons

  • Doughnuts cook better from one side than the other
  • Recipes are just okay
  • Does not come with starter toppings
  • You can’t just eat one! ;}



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