Cancer: Power Through It

I don’t have Cancer, but my mom had it and now one of my dearest friends, a mom of two little ones, does as well.  She is younger than me and many of you know her through BLP and HerReview

So, today I woke up at about 4 am and flipped the switch to read my normal source of morning news (that would be facebook for me), and the first thing that popped up was a picture of her.  Her with no hair, sitting on  her bed.  And even though she had no hair, and even though she is going through this, the picture still reflected a smile.  Not many people could do that.  Her strength was best described by one of her friend’s comment on facebook as:  “You continue to amaze me with your bravery, determination, inspiration, and humor…”

In many ways, she reminds me of my mom when she had cancer – twice!  I still remember sitting in ICU a few times with her.  I would sleep in this little chair (and many of you know I am a petite gal – that chair was small).  It was a very tough time for our family but my mom was an amazing fighter and to this day she continues to be a little pepper.  I guess that is where I get my strength for everything life throws at me sometimes.  She has been in remission for over 10 years.  She is a two time cancer survivor!

Well, my good buddy that has cancer now, reminds me a lot of my mom’s strength.  I know she has her moments, but that comes with being a woman – shoot I have moments on a regular basis – but she has something very few people have now a days.  That being… strength, determination, and faith.  Her willingness to share that very personal picture with the world on facebook, makes me feel like she can power through it and kick its ass.  Yup!  I said the a-s-s word, but cancer is a mother f’ing pain in the ass to say the least.

I just wanted to let everyone know about her and my mom and the strength that really does exists within everyone, deep inside.  So, we all have a cancer.  To me a cancer is an ongoing pest in your life that wants to do bad.  It can be anything!  A brother in law who has made you life a living hell, a horrible situation in your life that has crippled you beyond anything else OR (in this case) actual Cancer.  In any event and at the end of the day, know that you have the needed strength to power through it.

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    It’s good to hear about such strength and bravery and the power to kick ass. Taking a moment to think about those people in my life. It’s a profound appreciation.

    Thanks for sharing this Laura.

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    I saw that picture too last night … had a similar reaction. I am so so proud of her and how she is handling all of this. She was an inspiration before cancer … but now she has been elevated to pure diva pedastal in my book. LOVE that woman! So thankful you introduced us!
    Yvonne Elm Hall

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    I want to live a shallow, uncourageous life and finally die with little character while eating a chocolate bear claw at the age of 98. But I do admire the many courageous women who fight the good fight every day. In particular a lovely woman named Mary Bertone who came to our Halloween party mid-chemo treatment for breast cancer dressed as one of the drummers from Blue Man Group.

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    Love the post! You’re right we all have the strength inside, is on us to use it!

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    Cancer is like a little pac-man in your body… be bold, be strong, BEAT IT! Great article… I will repost this one.

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    Ugh I HATE cancer. We need to find a cure, and fast.

    However, with anything that horrible you find the most amazing strength in people. It is inspiring.

    Praying for a quick recovery for your friend.

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    I do agree that we all have our issues, something that we must fight. But I think it’s insulting to say that we all have our own cancers when you really don’t. We aren’t going to chemo. We aren’t in fear for outr lives or that we will leave our kids because of a disease.

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    the power of thought is very powerful indeed! I’m trying to change my thought process as I type.

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    I also despise the c word. But the strength both of these women display is inspirational. Thank you for sharing….

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    Cancer Sucks. Happy that your mom is in remission and that your friend is battling with a smile. Someday, I really hope that we find a cure.

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    Cancer has changed my life in too many ways. I am so sorry to hear that it affected you too

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