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Recently, HerReview set up a week long tutoring session with College Nannies & Tutors for one of its readers 1st grade child.  This was in an attempt to learn more about their tutoring program.  College Nannies & Tutors, the nation’s largest in-home childcare and tutoring resource, Builds Stronger Families ® by offering a complete set of nanny placement, on-call nannies and professional babysitting services, as well as in-home tutoring for all ages and subjects. They legally employ and payroll all of their caregivers and tutors which should always be a huge requirement for parents when in search of such services.

I interviewed the parent whose child recieve services and this is what she had to say about her experience:

“The service is excellent, and we are especially grateful for the fact that Lara our tutor actually comes to our home to teach our daughter in a familiar and comfortable environment.  She seems to be more engaged and sees her hour with Lara as fun…something she would not have said in other learning environments.”

Our sponsored family noted their highlights of College Nannies & Tutors as follows: 

  • Professional and experienced company
  • Knowledgeable and engaged tutors
  • In home tutoring which is very convenient and provides a more comfortable surrounding for my child
  • Tailored to the individual needs of the child
  • One on one setting and undivided attention


For an added testimonial, please watch the following clip:

For more information visit:


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    It gave me a lot of satisfaction rising up to the challenge and when fellow course mates saw me as a “reliable” tutor.

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