Did You Know That Emily Cohen (The Water Whisperer) Is Also An Artist?

Many of you know Emily Cohen as  The Water Whisperer here in LA.  She is pretty darn impressive at what she does, but we all have many talents and she does, as well.  Did you know that she is a  momterpeneur/ former teacher/artist and is a published illustrator and graduate of the Rhode Island school of design?  Well she is!  In the off- season, she  works as an illustrator.  You can view her work at Lovemily.  I think it is pretty cool how many of us women have multiple talents to showcase.  

Recently, she spke to me about transforming me into one of her works of art.  I was intrigued…hmmm… that sounds interesting.  So, I decided to use her style to showcase our {BagLady Promtions} newest website (formerly InfluentialMoms) which is now-  FemmeInfluential.  I have to say, this gal is a heck of an illustrator.  We’ll be using her work in our brand.  I am excited about that!  Let us know what you think of it?

If your business needs a logo or you would like to take an image of your child or family member and have her professionally illustrate it, she’s your go to gal!  She has done a lot of work for influential moms in Los Angeles.  Check out her gallery at www.lovemily.com.  Thanks Emily for the fun experience!  Hugs!


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    I love the caricature. I need one!! <3

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