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Ella's Smoothie Fruits

With so many fruit and veggie kid pouches out there, it is hard to know exactly what to buy for your kiddies.  I think I have pretty much tried them all – well not all I am sure, but I did try several ones from different markets and even had my daughter and her friends try them  out.  And the outcome was…

By a long shot, the kids always favored the Ella’s Kitchen brand.  Kids couldn’t really point out why, but all they did mention what that “It tastes better.”  As a parent, I am guessing that the 100% organi-ness about it is the key.  The label pretty much says it all.  My daughter’s favorite were the red and purple.

Their products are 100% organic fruit snacks and are perfect to pop in lunchboxes, or to enjoy as a fun snack on the go. Kids love to shake, squeeze and slurp our 4 yummy flavors.

My persona favorites are the Fruit Smoothies.  Inside each pouch you’ll find:

  • NO added water
  • NO preservatives or thickeners
  • NO E numbers or GM
  • NO gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose
  • NO lumps or bits and nothing artificial
  • JUST squished organic fruit for kids
  • Unsweetened and unsalted
  • Contains naturally occurring sugars

At the moment, they have 5 ranges:

  1. First Tastes
  2. Ella’s 1 Baby Food
  3. Fruit + Baby Rice
  4. Baby Brekkie
  5. Smoothie Fruits.

Ella’s Kitchen is always thinking of yummy new ranges to add to their family of yummy 100% organic foods! Let them know what you think in a comment or two below!  We’d all like to hear from you!


Would you like to try a 10 pack sample pack?!  Well, we are giving away a kit to THREE (3) of our lucky readers!


Comment on this post (below) and tell us why you want to win. Simple. :)

All comments must be made by Friday January 6th 12 midnight PST.  The three (3) lucky winners will be selected on Saturday, December 7th using Random.org.

Good luck!


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    Hmmmmmmmm why do I want to win? Because the grand twins love these!

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  2. avatar

    My kids loves these things in her preschool lunches. It would be great to try an organic brand.

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  3. avatar

    #1 Reason I have a daughter named Ella :) so obviously we should be eating these!!
    #2 Reason – I have three kids who LOVE these and we have never tried this brand but buy A LOT of these kinds of snacks. Pick me as a winner and I guarantee you’ll have “three new little ones” that will want mommy to continue to buy these!

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  4. avatar

    I must be just a kid at heart because I love to eat these things! The Yellow One is my favorite!

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  5. avatar

    My kids LOVE these things and I always throw them in their lunches! :0) Super fun and healthy to boot!

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  6. avatar

    We love all things fruit in our house. The kids even fight over who got the sweetest piece all the time.

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  7. avatar

    Can you say best soccer snack ever?

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