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Fresh Brothers pizza has a “Fresh Kids Special” on their menu that is not only delish, but it is way healthy for kids and even for folks like “yours truley” who can’t stomach greens.  I have been talking everyone’s ear off about it for years!  My collegues eat it, my daughter’s school orders from them and a lot of influential moms love it!  Now, my thoughts on this place have been confirmed by “The Doctors.”  Yup! They were on the show and they loved it too!

According to Debbie Goldberg (co-creator of Fresh Brothers Pizza), The “Fresh Kids Special” is really good.  The best thing about it is that you really can’t tell that there are veggies mixed into it.” I agree!  I have had it time and time again and you can’t tell there are veggies in it – at all!  My 6 year old has no idea and she practically swallows it whole! 

So the next time you pick up the phone to order pizza, make sure the phone ringing on the other end is to one of their 6 locations:
Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Marina Del Rey, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Beverlly Hills
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Here is another story we ran on HerReview about them last September


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    I’m excited to try this “kids pizza” — even though my baby has been happily eating all the other Fresh Brothers varieties until now — pepperoncinis and all :)

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    I’ve watched this about five times now! LOVE it!

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    I love Fresh Brothers sooo much! I’m tempted to throw a get-together just to have the excuse to have several pies in my house at the same time.

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    A pizza with hidden veggies? I’m all over that!!!!

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    I love their Gluten free pizza. You would never guess it was gluten free. It’s really the best pizza in LA!

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    I soooo wish we had a Fresh Brothers here in the OC! YUM! I made pizza today and it was mediocre at best!

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    Next time I visit my brother in Marina del Rey I am insisting we try this pizza!!!

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