Fun Summer Entrepreneurship Camp For Girls 7 to 14 at Santa Monica Place

A Business Summer Camp for Little Girls?!  Well, yes indeed!  As a mompreneur and  mommy of a sassy 7 year old, I can’t begin to express how excited my daughter (and I) was to have been invited to participate in Kate’s Bizzy Girls Summer Entrepreneurship Camp!  She has not stopped talking about it for weeks now!  Of course, some kids were like “A business camp?  What is a business camp?”  Well, she has no problem expressing to them that having a business is very important and that working for yourself and loving what you do is even more important.  Of course, as an entrepreneur myself, I am beyond proud of her. 

When I met Deborah (Founder of Kate’s Bizzy Girl camp), I was so excited that there could be such an awesome camp like this in “real life!”  My daughter had been talking about starting her own business and this camp came right at the perfect time.  I thought, “genius!”

Kate’s Bizzy Girls provides a fun filled program that fosters creativity and entrepreneurial skills through a hands on experience. Girls can develop their own product, name their own business and run it it themselves! Their entrepreneurship program is inspired by Kate Kate The Fashion Plate, a book series about a young entrepreneur living in New York City.

About The Camp

Kate’s Bizzy Girls will hold an entrepreneurship program for girls between the ages of 7 and 14 this summer at Santa Monica Place. Girls will be able to create their own product line, run their own company, and see their products on display at the mall and at the BLP ConnectHER 2012 Conference and Influential Event. The program will expand into major cities.


Location: Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, Ca.
Program Length: Two week sessions
Session 1: July 9 – July 20
Session 2: July 23 – August 3
Days: Monday through Friday
Hours: 10am – 2pm

Types of Camp:
Camp Kate Kate is for girls 7 to 9
Camp Kate is for girls 10 to 14

Early pick-up and drop off is possible
Girls bring their own lunch
To register visit:

Contact Information:

866 720 8333
Twitter @katesbizzygirls
Facebook: Kate’s Bizzy Girls



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    Are adults allowed? I’m sure I could learn a thing or two myself! But seriously, this is so cool. I hope there are opportunities for the girls to learn about businesses outside of fashion. I am a big fan of encouraging girls to focus on things other than their appearance!

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    Wow this looks amazing. If I have a little girl one day I’m definitely going to send her.

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    I’m with Shannon! I want to go!!!! When my daughter is older this is def. going to be on the list of things to do if it’s still around

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    Hi thanks for your comment! The camp lets girls explore anything they are interested in except for computer sciience. There is a seven year old garden blogger that will do her own line of seeds and a 14 year girl that is starting her own Youtube Channel News Station. Will be lots of fun, we are very excited. Thanks again!

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