Gluten Free Pizza dine-in or delivery throughout LA!

I have several friends that are gluten free (and I should be as well I’m sure but haven’t made the leap). And when they are in town I sometimes create special GF meals for them. But some days it is just easier to offer them Pizza. They never seem to hear me when I ask the first time. “So how does pizza sound for dinner?” and I hear a lot of Pfft, cshaaa, yeah right, kind of sounds back. So I ask again, “I know a great place for Gluten Free pizza does that sound good?” The responses are all usually pretty similar: extreme excitement and a story of how much they miss PIZZA and how they hope it is worth the experience. People on strict GF diets apparently have been pretty disappointed in breads/bread products since transforming to their GF living; from what they tell me. But I just smile … I’ve already seen the faces of the eaters, read the reviews and know they will be happy in 30 – 45 minutes. Fresh Brother’s went through strict GF training and even seals the pizza box before it leaves the GF area. Their GF crust is thin and golden brown and offers a nice crisp crunch when you bite in. And the taste … well it isn’t like wheat pizza dough … but it is yummy enough that when I take GF peeps to Fresh Brothers that I eat the GF pizza too! If you have Dairy allergies/issues they have a DF cheese for as well. And they are always so nice and happy to accommodate special diets. Whether you are eating Gluten Free/Dairy Free or not, this is a must have pizza night spot for the family.


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