GumChucks Nunchucks are a Flossing Hit!

It’s a tool…its’s a toy…its GumChucks! These seriously cool flossing tools and refills arrived in the mail the other day and my daughter and I had so much fun with them we HAD to write about them. Getting your kids to floss can sometimes be tough and getting into their little mouths sometimes even tougher. With GumChucks both problems are solved. They look like a toy, and when your child is done flossing they get to push the button at the bottom of each handle, which pops out the floss and then they get to pop in another one. How fun! And the way they are designed, with the two handles, it makes it easier to reach back into little mouths.

GumChucks ( is the coolest new flossing system for kids. One part tool, two parts toy, GumChucks resemble miniature nunchucks with handles that are attached at the tips by a disposable piece of high-quality dental floss. The handles and connecting tips system make this one-of-a-kind flossing tool highly effective especially for individuals with limited dexterity, such as children. The dental community has taken notice and Gumchucks can be found in hundreds of dental offices around the country!

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