Happy Birthday To My Mom

A big happy birthday to my mom.  Today is my mommy’s birthday and what better way to announce it to the world than through a blog post!  Today she turned 64 and she looks pretty darn good for her age!  I hope I look like her when I am 64!

Let me tell you a little something about her…

Some of you have met or seen her at some of my BLP events.  She is a hard working mom that is always there to support me and my ideas.  She has been there setting up tables or stuffing goodies bags for my conference.  She never says no and she is always excited when I talk to her her about my business plans.

My mom is the example of the best wife a husband could ever have, and the best mom one could ever ask for.  She is what we call an “old school” traditional mom.  A sort of Mrs. Cleaver.  She never feed us frozen or canned.  She always (and continues to do so) cooks from scratch!  As a wife and mom, I hope to be just like her, with the exception of a few Trader Joes frozen entree’s.  

She is my father’s support and his biggest fan. 

She always looks great and takes the time to look cute.

She works out and irons my fathers clothes and still hems my brother’s pants (even at 36).  Sorry bro, but had to throw that in there (lol).

She supports my father by following him to the Baja Races all the time.  She is even part of a racing team in San Diego.

Many people see her as their mom, and I don’t mind sharing.

She is the best mother in law.

She is the best grandmother and has been there for my daughter since day one. 

But most importantly…

She is a two time cancer survivor!  14 years ago, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and a few years later, it came back in her lung.  She put up the biggest fight of her life.  Not only for herself…but for us (I just know it).  We fought with her and won.

My mom is the strongest person I know and continues to be the most amazing mom, wife and grandmother in the world – to all of us!

She is my inspiration.

Happy Birthday Mom! 

I Love You … We Love You!




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