Home Buying Tips: Relationship Building During Open House


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Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for yourself and/or your family.  It’s probably be right up there within the stress level of changing jobs, or waiting for the birth of a child.  However, in all of the planning and searching, make sure to always remember the following tips.

  1. View the floor plan and layout of the home
  2. Inspect the condition of the home
  3. Explore the neighborhood
  4. Meet the neighbors
  5. Look into what schools pertain to your neighborhood
  6. How do the neighborhoods compare to other areas you might be looking into.
  7. Does the home fit your family lifestyle
  8. Does your furniture fit in the home or will you have to purchase everything new?

All of these are important point, but most important in the early stages of buying a home, I believe that it is equally important for both buyers and agents to attend open house showings together.  Where all of the previously mentioned points are important,  I believe it’s very important to connect and make a good impression with the selling agent which at the end of the day, they are the ones representing the owner in the sale of the home.
Having been in real estate for over 10 years with representing a higher level of buyers rather than sellers, believe me, I know the importance of making sure I introduce my buyers to the Selling Agent.  I know that when the time comes to make an offer, the selling agent will remember you and will more than likely put in a good word to the seller to accept your offer.  This comes in quite handy when you fall in love with your dream home and you become part of a bidding war with 5-7 other potential buyers who might also see this home as their dream home.
In Real Estate as with any other business, people buy and sell to people they like. Developing relationships are very important and even a good reputation goes a long way in this industry.  If the selling agent knows me as a good buyer’s agent that follows through, is cordial respectful and always has good buyers who are serious about purchasing a house, then the chances of them accepting an offer and opening escrow is huge!

Remember, first impressions count, but it the last impression that will stick with people the longest. IF someone give you a big hearty “Hello” you feel great, but later if you lethargically mumble “good-bye” you can’t help but subconsciously think they like you less now. Ultimately, disappointment over the entire encounter then settles in.


Author: Damaris Radut

Damaris Radut is a Real Estate Agent Serving the Los Angeles area since 2003. She shares her tips and housing market insight with HerReview readers as an editor for our housing and real estate market column. Damaris Radut is a part of Trimax Realty and can be reached at 310- 384- 4832.

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