International Salon & Spa Expo Long Beach

Attending the International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach is always a treat.  It is just one of those convenient shows that locals should not miss. 

The Arrojo booth is always a great booth which showcases great razor techniques.  I was able to see a full razor haircut on a model that had a stunning color.  The cut just made the color and vice versa. This academy is  based in New York and was founded by Nick Arrojo. I have not been able to experience the academy first hand, but seems to be comprable to the Vidal Sasoon Academy.  Express your creativity freely. 

Another favorite booth was ”Doll” which was such an a eye catcher.  It was interesting and  innovative, not to mention, they had amazing models that looked like they where props.  Their newest creation was the Twiddle Stic.  Its purpose is to  create beautifully defined curls that last for hours and does not damage your hair.   This is great for people with thin hair that is difficult to curl.  The hair is twinned into the “twiddle stic” and with the flat iron pressed lightly until the entire strand has been done. This creates LASTING curls with movement and are designed to your preference.

They come in 3 different sizes, are sold in a set of three or you can purchase individually. Each size is designed to create different sized curls. The affect is amazing talk about finding your creativity. This tool allows you to do just that.

Overall, the event was fabulous with many exhibits worth taking a look at.  The next event is scheduled for November 2012.

This article was written by Brenda Higuera who is a professional hair stylist and make-up artist in Santa Monica, California.


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    Ooh that Twiddle Stic thingy looks like it may work on my hair. I never can get a curling iron with a long enough barrel. thanks! ;)

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