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A Gymnastics Program Where Kids Jump For Joy | Best Gymnastics Training Center In West L.A.

Josephson Academy of Gymnastics (JAG) is the brainchild of entrepreneur and mom, Anne Josephson. Located in Culver City, JAG is 25,000 square foot state of the art facility catering specifically to children from as early as the time they start walking, to the age of 18. Their number one goal at this gym is creating “Happy Kids” and its a genius idea because happy kids yield amazingly healthy and happy gymnasts. From its amazing trainers, to the well-equip gym, JAG is great for children looking to jump and tumble or for aspiring professional gymnast! Either way, you can’t go wrong here!

We have been at JAG for just under a year and we could not be happier. After scouring the neighborhood for a gym that could meet our expectations, we finally decided to try out JAG. My daughter actually began training in gymnastics prior to joining JAG, but after a few months, we realized that this could potentially be a talent that we would possibly have to nurture if it was something she wanted to pursue. As we expected, she was interested in continuing her training in gymnastics.

After only a few months at the other gym, we decided that we had to make the transition to a different gym. Not completely convinced by the gym she was originally enrolled in (prior to JAG), we opted to look around and visit different gyms. I found that some gyms were too tough for children the age of my daughter (9). I also found that there were some that could potentially kill her spirit in regards to gymnastics because of the way in which they ran their program. And then, there were those that were just completely unorganized. But when I came to JAG, I was happy to see that kids could still be kids and yet have one of the strongest gymnastics program in the West LA area. Kids to me appeared to be having a great time and yet it was structured enough for kids to learn the sport.



Currently she is on JAG’s competitive team and trains 16 hours a week (her choice). I know that she is getting the appropriate training there because her skills level has greatly improved and she continues to love the sport. She currently coaches with Coach Sveta and Brian. We made a great choice and both of her coaches are uh-maz-ing!

JAG Highlights

  • VERY Kid Friendly
  • VERY Clean Environment
  • Excellent Staff
  • Excellent Coaches
  • Very Colorful
  • Organized
  • Great Team
  • Positive Environment

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