Tacos El Junior Tijuana (Junior Tacos)

For quite a few years now, I have been venturing into Tijuana for some succulent fish and shrimp tacos from none other than “Tacos El Junior“.  This is not some run of the mill taco stand on the corner.  It is “the” place to go for a more gourmet-ish taste.  They have a whole lot on their menu, but this is one of those places you just go to without really ordering  anything else other than a  fish or shrimp taco (or both).  My 6 year old  eats it in all in like one bite (exagerating-of course!) and  my husband and I keep saying “Oh.. I know I should stop now, but maybe one more…”

For those of you who think the definition of a fish taco is what you buy at restaurants like those sold at establishments that rhyme with  “lubio’s” or “Vahoo’s”, oh - you are missing out!  That is like comparing grandma’s homemade pie to a frozen one.  Let me put it this way…If  Guy Fieri of Diner Drive-Ins and Dives filmed outside of the U.S.  this would be the place he’d do a segment on. No doubt!

Over the past several years, this place has grown both in size and popularity.  Most of you may never venture over the border, but if you do – catch a cab and have them bring you straight there!  If not, then at least taste the tacos virtually on facebook!  You won’t be disappointed!

Now that’s a fish/shrimp taco!


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