Searching for The Perfect School For Your Child? My Experience

Well, I can honestly start by telling you that there is no “perfect school”.  Sorry to burst your bubble on that one folks, but where there can be an awesome school, there in no perfect school.  With that said, I want to share with you my expereince and share a few tips with you about what to look for in a school as a new, incoming parent.

1. Make a list of the top 10 things that are important to you when it comes to education.  Be realistic – there is no perfect school. Use this list when you visit schools.

2. Look for schools where parents share the same values as your family. It really comes into play when you have “playdates”.

3. Select schools that are within 15-25 minutes driving time {with traffic} from where you live .  The last thing you want is to be driving all over town for a school. There are many good schools around.

4. Attend a school function prior to submitting your application so that you can see the school in “action” prior to your application submission.

5. Look to see who the Principal of the school is and what his/her core teaching values are.  This is a good benchmark for what direction the school heads for the years in which your child will be there.

6.  Ask yourself if you’d be interessted in attending a religious school? Same religion or different but soley based on academics.


So, about three years ago, I was that frantic parent trying to figure out where my child was going to attend school.  Uniforms? Fees? Location?  So much to think about. 

What I have realized in the past years, was that at the end of the day, the most important thing to look for in an elementary school is something beyond academics or pretty uniforms and financial status.  The main importance should be the type of morals, sense of community, and standards of basic respect that both the school teaches and the parents of those kids believe in.  Granted – there is no perfect school, but I have learned that school and playdates are much easier when the parents of those kids have about the same level of standards when it comes to a childs upbringing.  And if the school has great academics, then all the better.

So yeah, you might not like everything about a sschool, but life is much easier when kids have the same upbringing.

My school is not perfect {no school is}, but the sense of community there is amazing.  The staff are super supportive. The kids are very well mannered, and the education is stellar.  We belong to Notre Dame Academy Elementary School on the Westside and yes it is a perocial school.  I was born Catholic, but I don’t go to church as often as I am sure my mom would want me to {woops}. We also have children there of other religions and that is o.k. too.  It is strict by standards, but a little bit of strict in L.A. is okay – right? Come to think about it – by strict I mean “they have rules” and the kids are expected to follow the rules and be respectful.  The school holds them to their reponsability as good citizens of the community.

I think we made a great choice.  A perocial school was not on our immediate radar when we were looking for a school, so i encourage you to take a look at one so that you have something to compare to. It’s quite nice.

Notre Dame Academy Elementary School is a co-ed school from grades pre-K to 8th grade with an all-girls high school.  Registration begins in October. 



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