Spartacus : Vengeance Premiere Starz Original Series

I am giving Spartacus : Vengeance a double wow!  I was privy to attend the red carpet premiere of Sparctacus : Vengeance yesterday in Hollywood as a VIP guest.  Glam- Glam right?  I am a newbie to this series (first time ever) and I was blown away by it.  Liam McIntyre and the entire cast were flawless.  Spartacus really is like nothing I have ever seen before and I guess it was best described by a huge Sparctacus fan as “a cross between The Matrix and soft porn.”  Yes folks, a lot of frontal and all around nudity alongside fighting and a gory mess.  At first, I had a hard time with the flying blood and racy nudity – oh my virgin eyes (right?) but then, I started following the storyline and was quite captivated by the amazing fighting and insane battles.  Romans, gladiators, sex, nudity, gore, pretty girls, hot guys, fashion and a great storyline.  That pretty much sums it up.  Not for audiences with weak stomachs, but if you can stomach the bloody mess and guts hanging out – it’s pretty amazing!  Take a look at the trailer below.  What do you think? Fan or not?

Spartacus: Vengeance premieres January 27th 10pm ET on STARZ. 




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    It looks fantastic and I’m sure I’ll watch – it really livens up the old marital sex life. But I must say I’m going to miss the original Spartacus portrayed by the beautiful actor Andy Whitfield who died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma last year. I wonder if it wasn’t the supplements he took to bulk up for his roll that might have caused his cancer. There will never be a way to know for sure. But so sad to see a man cut down in his prime.

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    Oh, I LOVE this show! My heart choked up when I hear that Andy Whitfield died, he made the show. I’m hoping that his replacement can take it to the same place- from the previews, he has a chance.
    And I hope there’s just as many sexy, undressed gladiators as last season ;)

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    I am so glad it is back on. I was really impressed with Starz when they decided to wait for Andy Whitfield to recover and put the show on hold, rather than recast.

    Sadly, we all know he didn’t make it. I hope this show is very successful for them! And just as good as the previous season.

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