Kelly TeeGarden Organics is Chemical Free Skin Care – The Fight Against Cancer

We have all had someone in our life diagnosed with some sort of cancer and unfortunately, I am almost certian that this  is true.  In my personal life, I have had at least four people directly affected by this horrible disease.  Kelly, Founder of  Teegarden Organics (KTO) and mommy of 3 kids under the age of 5 at the time, was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer.  The story of her struggle and the way she overcame that battle is something for all to read.  I admire the way in which she to took charge of her health – way to go! 

Since then, KTO was formed and Kelly developed a chemical free based skin care line that guarentees to deliver to you a product with the following:

  • No cancer causing ingredients
  • Natural perservatives
  • No hormone disruptors
  • No toxic levels of ingredients
  • no organ toxicity
  • immune system protection

I have been using these products for the past month and have been completely happy with them. They are fantastic and I felt great about doing something towards becoming healthy!

Below is a clip from one of my collegues SuperMommyNot.  A very interesting interview. I encouage you to watch.


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