The Hollywood Half Marathon – Have I Gone Completly Insane?

Yup! I am your friend, or wife, or mom, or daughter, small business guru, or I may be meeting you at this very second through this blog post for the very first time.  It’s great to meet you and fabulous to see you (my faithful readers) back here again!

So yes, I have officially lost my mind.
I am going to run (and walk) in the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7th at a time where most of you will still be sleeping – 6AM!

It’s all good.  Why am I running? Because at the age of 40 I said I would do something insane.  To me, running 13.1 miles is pretty nutts since I have not really ran much before.  Yes, I was a dance minor and yes I ran track, but that was like 20+ years ago!

So I am doing it. 
I am running. 
I am running along side some other crazy insane gals

1)Andrea Fellman ,2) Jessica Gootlieb, 3) Jeannine Chanin Penn,4)  Yvonne Condes,5)  Sarah Auerswald, 6) Jeanne Ponessa Fratello 9) Elizabeth Peterson

I am dressing up as my favorite celebrity.
And I will be proud of myself for JUST saying I am going to do it!

For the next few months, I will post my thoughts, my struggles and my sponsors under Hollywood Half Marathon – Run! Laura! Run! 

Stop by and see how I am doing. 
Thanks for your support!

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    What a great goal! Looks like you have lots of support to help. You can do it :)

    - Steaz

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    It’s going to be great – really! At this point I’m more motivated by the post-race festivities. Hadn’t planned to dress up as a celebrity but you may just inspire me! xo

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