The O.C. Foodie Fest

For the 2nd year in a row Orange County, CA was host to one of the largest, most diverse food truck events in Southern California; the OC Foodie Fest. Last years event captured the curiosity and taste buds of nearly nine thousand “foodies”. So of course this years event was highly anticipated with nearly 50+ trucks expected to participate. The scene was set for 8/27/11 on the grounds of Angels stadium in Anaheim, CA. It was a very warm day, but the heat did not discourage the hardcore food fanatics. I left San Diego at 10AM with my fellow foodie, Carlos. We had one thing on our minds in the days leading up to the event, methodically and systematically devour as much tasty truck food as possible. Upon arrival I noticed an insane number of food trucks in position, serving delicious food to people waiting eagerly in line. Some lines were much longer than others. There were all types of food represented, from classic burgers and fries to some of the most interesting food “fusion” ideas I had ever come across.

Some of the more notable truck names & food that Carlos & I ate were:
· The Burnt truck – Buttermilk, fried chicken w/ garlic potato spread and country gravy sliders.  
· The Ahn Joo truck – Kimchi fried rice
· The Slapfish truck – Smoked salmon grilled cheese slider & lobster tacos
· The Lime truck – Roasted corn on the cob w/ truffle butter They were also a few interesting food trucks we didn’t have an opportunity to try but were worth mentioning.

If not for their menu items, the truck name/design alone:
· The Dogzilla truck – serving Japanese style infused hot dogs.
· The Tapa Boy truck – serving Filipino cuisine with the saying “Filipino food, on Filipino time” painted on both sides of the truck.

After nearly three hours of eating, I conceded victory to the almighty OC Foodie Fest. Before exiting the venue we did our final tally of the foods tasted and trucks visited we gave our personal accolades to:
· Orange County’s very own Lime truck (a 1st place finisher in the previous festival).
· Los Angeles based Ahn Joo Korean truck aka the mobile Korean pub.

Both trucks displayed out of the ordinary style and flare on their menu items and prepared food packed with great flavor. I believe the key to having a good food truck is to master the art of quickly preparing food that tastes like it’s meant to be served at a traditional restaurant.  Both Ahn Joo & Lime truck we successful at that.

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